Today’s college students are the leaders of the next generation.

While values are influenced during childhood, in college, these values are chosen, and in adulthood, the values are implemented.

Ultimately we want to help our college students develop the critical thinking skills needed to engage the world with the truth of the Gospel. We do this through our commitment to discipleship and evangelism.

Our goal is to Evangelize, Establish, Equip, and Export both Covenant Children and those in our community that are college students.

Evangelize – Start by sharing the Gospel with college students in hopes
that they will accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Establish – Help the students become established in their walks with
God through encouraging church membership and helping them build a
strong foundation of prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and evangelism.

Equip – Help equip students to teach and disciple other students in
the way that was modeled for them.

Export – Finally, export students into the harvest field to use their abilities
and gifts in the way that we believe that God wants them to. We really want
them to take their experiences and the things they learned in college with
them wherever God calls them.


We seek to train students in the context of relationships. Rather than relying on a program or Bible-study curriculum, we emphasize the importance of life-on-life relationships – one individual sharing their life with another. We are not necessarily only a fellowship group, though fellowship is an important part of our values. We focus primarily on Discipling new and young believers and training them to do the same with their fellow college students. We have a high value for ministry training.


We have a strong commitment to sharing the Gospel with unbelieving students on each campus. We believe that this is commanded and modeled all throughout scripture. We look at texts like Romans 10:13-15 and  2 Timothy 4:2 as scriptural basis for sharing our faith with unbelieving students on the campus.


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