Adult Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes are designed to connect with each other by connecting to God through his Word.

Each Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m. our adults gather in the education building beside the sanctuary to study the Scriptures. The focus is on teaching God’s truth from the scriptures, which we do through studying specific books, themes, people, and theology from the Bible. People are free to pick classes based on what is being taught and their interests. Our goal is to help people connect ancient truths with present day issues.

We believe the historical, reformed tradition that God’s Holy Spirit is able to apply the truths found in Scripture directly to the heart of a person studying His Word. Scripture changes people’s lives as it teaches us about who God is, and what our response should be. Scripture enhances the enjoyment of life and promotes peace even amid personal chaos. It is our aim to teach the Scriptures as faithfully as possible, and to teach people how to study God’s Word.

Current Sunday School Series:

Join us for a continuing series that examines the lives of Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha as we consider how these men were called to boldly proclaim God’s truth in the midst of difficult times.

There is also a six-week study of John Owen’s classic book, Communion with God. Owen believed communion with God lies at the heart of the Christian life. In his book, he explains the nature of this communion and describes the many privileges it brings.