Life is full of challenges – most of which cannot be overcome on our own.

Jobs are not perfect, marriages and families are not perfect, and there is something inside each of us that understands that the world is not as it should be. Thankfully, God sent His Son Jesus Christ so that we do not have to face these challenges alone. We are connected to God through Christ, and to each other as a church.

Friendly Hills Church is a community of people who believe that facing the challenges and questions of life together is essential.

We believe that the Bible addresses these challenges and so we strive to come alongside one another, and to learn together about what the Bible teaches us about life and faith. We invite you to explore this section to learn more about what we believe, and who we are. We always welcome visitors with any religious background and invite you to connect with us at whatever level you feel comfortable with.

Friendly Hills Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, and is located just outside of Greensboro, NC in Jamestown, NC.